Report on the ENGLISH DAY 2014

On February 25th, the pupils attending the 4th form, took part in our fourth “English Day”. Their regular timetable was changed, and English was spoken all the morning in various subjects.
In the sports lesson they tested a game called “soft ball” with simplified baseball rules. The kids had fun and they always tried to cheer their  teams on in English.

In Geography the pupils got to know the different countries of the European Union and learned about their languages, their capitals with their sights and painted the national flags.

The topic of the Biology lesson was “The five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste”. Many new English words were needed in order to explain the function of the sensory organs. The pupils also discussed being blind or deaf.

The life of Native Americans was the topic of the History lesson. In a film a Sioux Indian travelled through North America and explained how Indians lived before the white people took away their land. How to send messages in sign language was interesting for the pupils,either.  
The highlight of our English Day this year was once again the performance of the“Vienna English Theatre”.

Four actors performed the play “Virtual Heroes”, which is partly set in a virtual game world. The two main characters Rita and Kevin have problems in their real lives, so, sitting at their PCs, they are creating a virtual reality for themselves, taking on the personalities they would like to be – in their dreams.                                                                                                      

All the 180 pupils in the hall enjoyed the funny performance, as all the actors played really excellently. Especially some girls admired Sapphire for singing two songs live.


Our pupils want the English Day to take place and the “Vienna English Theatre” to come again next year.


 Shortened comments on the English Day


< cool and enjoyable performance>,<friendly and funny actors>,< talking to native speakers is a valuable experience and great fun>, <talking English in every situation was great>, <an English Day – a great idea and a great success>, <softball instructions in English are great fun>,<many new words>, <a nice day for a change>,<all in all a brilliant day, should be repeated>


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