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Our Austrian-English Day



On April  12th the NMS Ostermiething organised the eighth “English Day“. The day began with four lessons where we only talked in English.

Firstly there was History. Mrs. Enhuber taught us about the Native Americans and how they had lived before and after the white people had taken their land. The following lessons were Physical Education and Chemistry where we played a game called Soft-Ball and talked about aces & bases. In the last hour was a lesson with Mrs. Fischer about “A Fair World“. She showed us – by example of an apple – how tiny the part of the world is, where we can grow things. We talked about how we could save the world for us and future generations.

The great ending and highlight of the day was the  performance of  “Vienna`s English Theatre” with the play “A Family Affair”. The story is about Zainab, a refugee schoolgirl from Syria and Danny an English teenager whose single-parents fall in love. The Syrian girl doesn`t want to share her dad and the English boy is not keen on getting a strict stepfather, so they try to stop their parents from seeing each other. Not very nice, hmm? However, finally things turn out well again.

It was an amazing day and we hope the next 4th graders will also have as much fun as we had at this event! (authors:  Jasmin Felber, Sophia Felber, Rinninger Julia, alle 4C)


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