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9 Jul
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“The English Day” – a special day for our pupils attending the 4th form - took place on the first of March. Their regular timetable was changed, and English was spoken all the morning in different subjects.

In the PE lesson Mrs Russinger and Mrs Hochegger introduced a game called “soft ball” with simplified baseball rules. The kids had fun and they always tried to cheer their teams on in English.

In Geography the pupils “travelled” to Australia with Mrs Frauscher who had spent four months ”down under”. In her photo travel report she told them interesting details about this faraway continent.

The topic of Mrs Sommerauer’s Biology lesson was “The five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste”. Many new English words were needed for explaining the function of the sensory organs and guessing different flavours and visual illusions. Computers were used in order to do “virtual” experiments concerning acids, bases and the pH-scale in Mr Stefl’s Chemistry class.

The English Day was completed by a highlight: Four actors of “Vienna English Theatre” performed the play “The Little Prince”, a very impressing play in which the second, third and fourth year pupils were taken on the Little Prince’s journey through the universe.

We think all of the 160 pupils in the hall enjoyed the amazing performance, as all the actors played really excellently.
Our pupils also liked to spend a day just talking English at school. It’s a chance to improve speaking English more fluently and they want the “Vienna English Theatre” to come again next year.


Students’ comments on the English Day

  • amazing and entertaining performance
  • friendly and talented actors, could even sing
  • talking English was great
  • sometimes boring
  • an English Day – a great idea
  • many new words
  • a nice day for a change
  • all in all a cool day, should be repeated

 The English teachers of NMS - Ostermiething





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