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English Day 2022

After an interruption in 2021, due to Corona, another English Day was organized at our school. This year it took place on April 21st. On this day the students of the 4th form don't have a regular timetable and are taught in English. The whole morning English is spoken in four different subjects.

In the history lesson Mrs Enhuber gave a short survey of American history.
A video on the life of Native Americans was shown and afterwards the students did a quiz.

In the Geography lesson, taught by Mrs Haberl, the pupils learned about the European Union, the names of the 27 countries, about their capitals, nationalities, languages and their sights.

Mrs. Fischer provided a millionaire's quiz for her lesson in which the pupils had to answer questions of different levels of difficulty.

Mr. Stefl held a PE lesson teaching Dodge Ball, a variation of our well known "Völkerball". Dodgeball is very popular in American schools and there is even a world championship.

Actually, the highlight of the day was the play "The show must go on", performed by actors of the Vienna English Theatre. Although it was not as good as in former years, the students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th form enjoyed themselves.

The English teachers


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